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Co-Clinical Imaging Research Resource

The objective of the C2IR2 is to develop, optimize, and implement bi-directional translational quantitative imaging (QI) methodologies to advance the science and clinical practice of precision medicine.

To accomplish this objective, we will:

  1. Optimize the use of animal models of cancer (e.g., PDX) in oncologic imaging.
  2. Develop and implement bi-directional (preclinical-clinical) QI and radiomic pipelines to assess tumor heterogeneity and predict response to therapy.
  3. Integrate QI and radiomic image features with multi-scale analytic data (-OMICS, path) via machine learning algorithms to enhance prediction of response to therapy.

About the C2IR2

What Can I Find On This Site?


Standard Operating Procedures

Data collection and operational procedures for three resource cores will be made available here: Preclinical Imaging, Co-Clinical Studies, and Quantitative Imaging Phenotypes.


Supported Co-Clinical Trial Projects

The C2IR2 works in tandem with co-clinical research projects such as the Co-Clinical Trial in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Patients with Genoproteomic Discovery.

Publications and Data

As publications and public study data become available, the C2IR2 will publish or link to those resources here.