The Co-clinical Imaging Research Resource has published a series of datasets for use in the imaging community. All datasets are available on the Co-Clinical Database (CCDB). A valid login and acceptance of the Co-Clinical Imaging Resource Program (CIRP) Resource Sharing Policy is required to access data.

To apply for a CCDB login, please use our Contact Form.

Available Datasets

  • Optimal FDG-PET in predicting response. Savaikar et al., J Nuc Med 2020
  • Optimization of a 1hr multi-parametric MR acquisition on 4.7T. Ge et al., Tomography 2019
  • Development of an algorithm to segment flank tumors. Roy et al., Image Analy and Recog 2019
  • Optimization of robust and volume independent MR radiomic features. Roy ey a., LANCET eBioMedicine 2020

Data Use Terms

Use of the WU-C2IR2 datasets acknowledges an agreement to the CIRP Resource Sharing Policy.