The Co-clinical Imaging Research Resource Program Network (CIRP) is organized to advance the practice of precision medicine by establishing consensus-based best practices for co-clinical imaging and developing optimized state-of-the-art translational quantitative imaging methodologies to enable disease detection, risk stratification, and assessment/prediction of response to therapy.  A critical path to achieve the goals of the CIRP is the dissemination of research results and resources to the scientific community.   

A CIRP Resource is any collection of information, including data, protocols, or tools, that is generated by CIRP members. This can include single sites or multiple sites.  This document represents the CIRP’s resource sharing policy. The spirit of this policy is one of collaboration and flexibility and to introduce a minimal amount of oversight and/or committee work to CIRP members. The CIRP is committed to providing commercial and academic investigators an opportunity to access data collected as part of CIRP studies.  

All CIRP members, associate/affiliate members, external collaborators, companies, and “data users” should be made aware of the guiding principles of the CIRP Sharing Policy.  

Data use terms are as follows: 

  • Acknowledge the Washington University Co-Clinical Imaging Research Resource (WU-C2IR2), including grant U24CA209837, when publicly presenting any results or algorithms that benefitted from their use.  
  • Papers, book chapters, books, posters, oral presentations, and all other printed and digital presentations of results derived from CIRP data should acknowledge the site where the data originated and the Washington University Co-Clinical Imaging Research Resource (WU-C2IR2), including grant U24CA209837. 
  • If a resource (data, algorithm, phantom, etc.) has a publication associated with it, all printed or digital presentations should cite the associated publication. 
  • Failure to abide by these data use terms may result in termination of your right to access and use the CIRP member data.

The guiding principles are as follows: 

  • Fairness, collegiality, and cooperation in the joint pursuit of scientific advancement. The CIRP encourages use of resources generated within the CIRP network consistent with these goals. 
  • The CIRP has a responsibility to ensure that the use of CIRP Resource is ethical and scientifically sound. 
  • Data will be shared in a manner that allows good use to be made of them. This includes, for example, proper documentation, indexing, or curation/vetting of data where appropriate.  Appropriate attribution and acknowledgement for CIRP Resources will be provided. 
  • CIRP data and tools typically will not be released to individuals or companies prior to the publication of the projects primary aim manuscript. 
  • Data sharing will not burden the CIRP’s resources such as to impede its ability to pursue its primary research. 
  • Investigators interested in asking research questions based on data collected as part of CIRP projects are encouraged to do so as a collaborative effort within the CIRP structure and the CIRP site which originated the data. 
  • Investigators interested in using CIRP data must agree to adhere to the CIRP publication policy.