Patient-derived tumor xenografts (PDX) are developed at Human and Mouse Linked Evaluation of Tumors (HAMLET) core (Director, Dr. Shunqiang Li).  Numerous PDX are developed to support the activities of the Resources.  A list of available PDX is available at   Please contact Dr. Li for additional information.

The WU-C2IR2 has generated subtype-matched PDX through molecular signature analysis to generate six TNBC used in the projects. The corresponding WHIMs. The 6 TNBC subtypes include 2 basal-like (BL1 and BL2), an immunomodulatory (IM), a mesenchymal (M), a mesenchymal stem–like (MSL), and a luminal androgen receptor (LAR) subtype. The assigned subtypes and correlation coefficients and p-values on the 93 PDXs are depicted below.