The C2IR2 works in concert with co-clinical trial projects to support cancer research.

1. Harmonize preclinical and clinical PET and MR protocols by employing phantoms
Grant Aim 1: Harmonized Data Protocols
2. Optimize and implement best-in-class quantitative preclinical PET metrics of tumor metabolism and multi-parametric MR methods to assess response to therapy in TNBC PDX
Grant Aim 2: Preclinical Tumor Informatics
3. Implement optimal best-in-class PET and multi-parametric MR quantitative methods in an active co-clinical TNBC trial to assess response to therapy and integrate QI/multiscale analytic data (genomic, pathology, proteomic) across the co-clinical trial.
Grain Aim 3 - Therapy Response Analytics
4. Develop and populate a web-accessible research resource with all the data, methods, workflow documentation, and results from the co-clinical investigation
Grant Aim 4: Public Data Share